How to Remove Coffee Stains from Cups

Stained coffee cup

For a lot of people, the day doesn’t really start until they’ve had their coffee. Java. Bean juice. Cup of Joe. And several cups at that. With so many fill-ups, mugs and pots can accumulate coffee rings, especially when you get into the afternoon and those a.m. leftovers have had a chance to cure. No problem! Just check out these tips for how to get coffee stains out of mugs and pots in your dishwasher.

Are Mugs and Pots Dishwasher Safe?

Glass coffee pots, ceramic mugs, and glassware cups are perfectly suited for dishwasher duty. But it’s better to set aside any homemade or hand-decorated mugs—coffee stains will wash away pretty quickly, but you’ll hear about ruining your sweetheart’s art-class mug for an eternity. If you’re unsure whether an item is dishwasher safe, it’s always a good idea to leave it out.

Skip the Rinse, Save the Water for Coffee

If you want to see how to clean a coffee pot or mug the easy way, just put a Cascade Platinum Plus ActionPac in your dishwasher and sit back with a fresh cup of coffee. Each pac has special enzymes that latch on, break down, and wash away food and stains, no pre-washing necessary.

Coffee spill stains on white dishes

Load Up the Top Rack

The best way to load your coffee cups, mugs, and pots in the dishwasher is facedown on the top rack so they don’t collect water—a rinse aid can eliminate water spots and streaks, but can’t do anything about an upside-up mug filled to the brim. Plus, loading items facedown simply means they’ll get cleaned better. And you want a clean mug when you need coffee right now, and by right now, you mean yesterday—“I need coffee!”

Top Off with Rinse Aid

Just like the fancy foam that tops off your espresso, Cascade Power Dry Rinse Aid is the perfect finish for your freshly “de-caffeinated” mugs. Cascade’s sheeting action keeps rinse water droplets from hanging onto your dishes and drying into spots, which is great for getting your glass coffee pots sparkling clean.

We hope you enjoyed these eye-opening tips for letting your dishwasher handle the grind of cleaning coffee stains from your mugs and pots. After you’ve had a couple cups and are ready for more clever puns, try reading our useful dishwashing advice. When you’re finished, you’ll never again have to rack your brain to solve a dishwashing dilemma.

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