Should I Rinse Dishes Before They Go in the Dishwasher?

Not if you're using a detergent capable of doing that job in the dishwasher. Cascade Platinum Plus is formulated with special enzymes that latch onto food left on dishes, then break down food into particles small enough to flow down the drain. As long as your dishes are properly loaded, even tough, burnt, stuck-on food is broken down so it can be washed away inside your machine. And get this: The enzymes actually work BETTER if you don't pre-wash your dishes, because without food to attack, their cleaning power is underutilized. By not prewashing, you’ll end up with cleaner dishes while saving time and water, as Cascade and your dishwasher work in unison to eliminate stuck-on food and their residue. Cascade’s enzymes work best when they have something to latch onto – so let the enzymes do the work!

If you need more reasons to not rinse dishes before dishwasher cycles, consider that you're honestly saving water by using just your dishwasher—up to 20 gallons per load! Just relax and let Cascade Platinum Plus take care of business, leaving you a dishwasher full of dazzling dishes. Just another reason to choose the dishwasher over handwashing.

If you’re experiencing residue on your dishes, make sure your dishwasher is working properly, and be sure you’re using the right products to get a powerful clean.

To learn more about better dishwashing habits and getting the best from your dishwasher, check out our guide to dishwashing wisdom.

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