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Our Commitment to the Environment

Committed to Sustainability

Together, let's conserve water, save energy, and enhance cleaning performance with Cascade. Learn more today.

Rethink The Sink

Answering the biggest myths about dishwashing, such as the efficiency of dishwashers vs handwashing. See true/false answers for the most common questions

Sustainable Manufacturing Commitment

We aim to make functional, attractive packaging and products while minimizing our environmental impact. Learn more about Cascade’s sustainability efforts.

Saving Energy While Using the Dishwasher

Wondering how you can save energy while using the dishwasher? Get solutions to dish issues and other dishwasher tips from Cascade.

Saving Water with Your Dishwasher

You can save up to 20 gallons per load of dishes by skipping the prewash and using your dishwasher instead. Learn how to save water and time with Cascade.

What Are Phosphates in Detergent?

Wondering why Cascade removed phosphates from its dishwashing detergent? Get answers to FAQs about Cascade and find other solutions and tips for dish issues.

see how cascade is committed to sustainability

At Cascade, our job is to create products that help protect your dishes and the environment. We take our job seriously.

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