How to Clean Stainless Steel Pots & Pans in the Dishwasher

Scrap extra food and load stainless steel pots and pans into dishwasher

People ask us all the time: Can stainless steel pots and pans go in the dishwasher? And we answer: Yes! Well, that was an easy one, thanks for stopping by… Oh, you want to know more? Lucky for you, we wrote a whole article about how to wash your stainless steel pots and pans in the dishwasher.

1. Check If Your Stainless Steel Is Dishwasher Safe

On the bottom of your cookware, there is a stamp that helps identify what items are dishwasher safe. If you have trouble locating a label and are unsure what material the pan is made of, check the original packaging or the manufacturer’s website.

2. Skip the Pre-Scrubbing

Premium Cascade ActionPacs™ have the power to clean without pre-rinsing or pre-washing, which saves both water and time. If there's heavy stuck-on food, just use a wooden spatula to scrape off as much as you can into the garbage; then it's off to the dishwasher.

3. Load Pots and Pans in the Dishwasher

Refer to your owner’s manual. Some dishwasher manuals specify to load pots and pans on their sides on the bottom rack. There are standard practices for loading a dishwasher, and for most machines, placing cookware mess side down on the bottom rack works best. This lets the spray jets work their magic.

4. Cascade Platinum Plus Powers Through Stainless Steel Messes

For best results, use a Cascade Platinum Plus ActionPac in your dishwasher. It has special enzymes that latch on, break down, and wash away food with no pre-washing on your part. So, it's powerful enough to remove those baked-on messes, but won't damage any non-stick linings your pots and pans have.

Placing Cascade Platinum dishwasher pod before running dishwasher

5. Set Your Dishwasher

If available, use the pots and pans dishwasher setting. If your dishwasher doesn’t have this setting, select the longest cycle – give that baked-on food a little extra oomph!

The pan of steel is now stainless again. But it’ll get dirty again, too—that’s the occupational hazard for all your kitchen items. And when their turn comes, you’ll have the dishwashing knowledge to clean them as well. Think of it as your superpower.

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