How to Use Cascade ActionPacs™

Opened dishwasher with dry wine glasses without water spots

Clean dishes have never been easier with Cascade ActionPacs™.

Cascade ActionPacs™ come in premeasured doses to make adding detergent easier than ever. Every Cascade ActionPac is designed to dissolve quickly in your dishwasher, and is septic-safe. Just pop an ActionPac into your detergent compartment, start the cycle, and the job is as good as done!

How to use dishwasher ActionPacs™ from Cascade

Cascade Platinum Plus ActionPacs™ are powerful enough to clean an entire load of dishes with up to 48-hour stuck-on food—with no pre-wash needed. To use, just place one dishwasher pod in the detergent chamber, close the dispenser door, and run your dishwasher as you normally would.

A few more expert tips:

  • Do not unwrap or puncture the pouch. Dishwasher detergent packs dissolve quickly.
  • Handle with dry hands only. Wet hands can cause detergent packs to stick together.
  • Completely reseal your Cascade ActionPacs™ bag or tub after each use to seal out humidity and household dirt.
  • No need to pre-rinse with Cascade Platinum Plus ActionPacs™. They power away 24-hour, stuck-on food to give you the shine you expect from Cascade.
  • Learn how easy using your dishwashing can be with our guide to using your dishwasher.

Why Isn’t My ActionPac Dissolving?

If your ActionPac is not dissolving, there could be a few reasons why.

Something is blocking the dishwasher detergent cup or release door. From small utensils to large pot handles, lots of things can get in the way of the detergent dispenser, which traps your ActionPac and prevents it from dissolving fully. To avoid this issue, make sure you are correctly loading your dishwasher.

Your dishwash isn’t getting any water. To check for this, put a large measuring cup or mug in your dishwasher on the top rack, open end up. Next, run your dishwasher. When the cycle is done, the cup should be completely filled with water. If it’s not, you may not be getting enough water flowing in.

Lastly, on very rare occasions, the detergent pac may stick to the dispenser cup, preventing it from being dissolved fully. This one is a little different than the dispenser door not opening—in this case, the dispenser door opens, but your ActionPac is still stuck in place. To avoid this, make sure your hands are dry when handling the detergent pac.

Following these easy steps should ensure that when you open your dishwasher, the Cascade ActionPac and the dirty messes are both completely gone.

Learn more about how Cascade products can give your dishes a superior clean.

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