Cascade with the Scent Of Gain

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  • Cascade® ActionPacs™ With The Scent Of Gain® Dishwasher Detergent

    Rinses away residue, leaves your dishwasher Gain® fresh

    Cascade ActionPacs with the Scent of Gain® power away greasy residue for sparkling dishes in one easy-to-use, premeasured pac. Enjoy the scent of Gain® during the dishwashing cycle while the scrubbing power of Cascade leaves your dishes virtually spotless. Formulated with built-in rinse aid action plus water softeners to help prevent hard water deposits on glasses, they dissolve in your dishwasher to leave virtually no mess—only sparkling dishes. Simply load your machine, pop in a pac, and go!

    • Open up to the amazing scent of Gain® with every load

    • 4X concentrated to clean better than regular Cascade® Powder or Gel, recommended usage

    • Rinse aid action with Shine Shield® formula rinses away residues and leaves brilliant shine

    • Safe to use on all dishwasher-safe dishes

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